Downloading TimberWolf

Place & Route Software Package

Now downloading and installing TimberWolf is easy as 1 2 3. A new self installing version is now available. Choose the platform you want and follow the instructions below.


1.  If you do not have a lease or trial lease, please click here before downloading iTools.

2.  Fax the lease, university or trial lease to 972-613-1127.

3.  Download iTools and follow the instructions for acquiring a password file.


Operating Systems
Download AIX Operating System (IBM)
Download Free BSD Operating System  (ix86 Systems)
Download HP-UX Operating System  (Hewlett Packard)
Download Linux Operating System (ix86 Version libc5 **)
Download Linux Operating System (ix86 Version libc6)
Download MacOSX Operating System (Darwin with X11)
Download OSF1 Operating System (DEC Alpha)
Download SunOS5 Operating System  (Solaris 2.4 - 2.8)


This release features the iTools self-installing programs. You need only to get the correct ".exe" file for your machine. Just download and make the"*.exe" file executable by executing chmod.

For example, to make the dynamically-linked version of Solaris work type:

  • chmod +x itools.dbin.SunOS5.exe
  • itools.dbin.SunOS5.exe
  • ./


IMPORTANT Note: ITOOLS does *NOT* need root permissions. In fact, in order to further promote security, the self-installation program will *NOT* run under the super-user. For the security conscious, it is recommended to create a user named itools with limited permission. This user should download and execute the installation program.

First time users: Do not forget that in order to receive your license file you must have signed a lease agreement (trial evaluation agreement) found here.


Expert Note:

If you want to add additional operating systems to co-exist in the same installation directory download the additional operating system in the same directory. You will need to run the self extracting archive with the "-expert" option. For example, after all operating systems have been downloaded, you would type:

  • chmod +x itools.dbin.SunOS5.exe
  • itools.dbin.SunOS5.exe -expert
  • ./


** Linux installation problems   help**


iTools Beta Versions and Bug Fixes