TimberWolf Systems has created a unique pricing structure. Our company mission is to provide placement and routing software for every IC designer in the world. We feel that price should not be a major obstacle in choosing your software package. Leasing our software and distributing it over the Internet greatly reduces our costs. This allows us to offer a very competitive product at an excellent price!

Leasing Adds Up to Good Business Sense

Remember-the value of our software is in its use...not in its ownership!

Timberwolf's Total Lease Package

$76,125* per Global (floating node license) lease copy (per year)


How can we charge such a low price?

TimberWolf Systems is truly the first virtual CAD company in the field of placement and routing. Because we are a virtual company we have an extremely low overhead. Everything we do, we do over the Internet. We do not have a marketing / sales department. We do not have a distribution / packaging department. We do not have application engineers. We do not have layers and layers of management to decide what is obvious. What we do have is engineers / programmers. All around the world. That is all we hire. They make the product work. You can be up and running with our software in less than 30 minutes from the time you decide that you want to try it. Our engineers have simplified this process and the product so that anybody can use it from novice to developer. What do you have to lose.

Give it a try, free, for 60 days and see if TimberWolf is the placement and routing alternative for you.

* This is for one fixed seat license.  If you would like a floating license for one copy of  the TimberWolf software package the cost would be $35,000.   In order to use the parallel placement feature of  Twolf over N number of processors, you must lease 2 seats.


The Total Lease Package Includes TimberWolf's:

Translator, Floorplanner, Standard Cell Placer, Gate Array Placer, Global Router & Detail Router

The Total Lease Package includes all of the the above and is available NOW over the Internet. In order for TimberWolf to be the low cost solution for all your placement and routing needs, all maintenance issues will be handled through e-mail only.

Future Enhancements which will be included in the Total Lease Package: